“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”
is a Sanskrit blessing and means: “May all beings experience happiness and harmony.”



My name is Silvia. In 2011 India was calling and I went on a trip to explore Goa and Kerala. For the first time I went to an ashram (monastery) in Amritapuri. Several longer stays followed in the coming years.


Giving more space to spirituality, being aware of the ego, participating in rituals (pujas) with fire, water, ashes, flowers, prayers, devotion, heart-to-heart connections, healing from limiting belief patterns and traumas.  All this gave me the longed-for depth that is good for my system. We can learn again to bring body, mind and soul into balance. Not only in India, but the energies are very high there and it is easier to switch into the heart space.


Travelling, intercultural encounters, nature, the sea, the feeling of adventure, being free and on the move are passions that I have always given space to in my life. Ultimately, my motivation for founding Vagabond Retreats.


Here I combine my experience and interests as a cultural and event manager, as a relaxation and stress management trainer, my diploma in tourism, assistant activities in healing sessions, female empowerment courses and at spiritual festivals (Sound & Silence Corfu & Portugal, Being gatherings in Portugal, Agape Zoe Berlin, Colibri Festival Corfu), participation in workshops, shamanic rituals, meditation, mantra, yoga and ayurveda courses.


With empathy and heart, I create spaces and retreats for you where you can relax and let go of stress. To connect with nature and your inner voice. To develop more self care. The retreats in India are ideal for preparing for ayurvedic treatments like a detox cure (panchakarma). Contact to doctors and clinics can be provided